"Taking the remains of one passion & crafting it into another."

Be Yourself

Custom Kydex Holsters With Beltless Clip Option!

Our Mission

At Southern Bullets we not only strive to create unique handmade bullet jewelry & quality Kydex holsters but to share & inspire a passion and proactive approach in the shooting community.  We urge firearm education, exploration and good old range therapy.  By recycling spent casings we promote greener ranges and are able to forge a wearable form of supporting the second amendment. And by creating stylish beltless holsters we are motivating more women to carry comfortably more often because arming more good citizens is our goal. 


The first time I saw this bracelet I knew I had to have it! I love the teal beads with the silver casing. Such high quality. It’s well made, subtle, stylish and classy.

Erin N.


Excellent customer service, P238 fits clicks perfectly into the holster. Bonus that it’s so beautiful! I’ve ordered 2 more products due to my great experience.

Jenifer K.


I absolutely love this holster! Fits my gun perfect, fits me perfect, super comfortable to wear all day! Very impressed with this product! Highly recommended!

Amber W.