"Try Before You Buy" Handgun Class

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The "try before you buy" handgun course gives a new shooter or CCW holder the opportunity to try out a multitude of popular handguns before they commit to purchasing their own!  This is a one on one private session and is not for obtaining your certification for your concealed carry permit for Florida.  

  • Choose up to 5 handguns from our list below 
  • 1 Hour of range time & targets included 
  • 100 rounds of ammo provided 

The average gun range charges $15-$25 per handgun rental making this a value of over $170 with ammo,1 hour of range & instructor time! The average firearm cost between $300-$600 so taking your time and trying out different options is worth making the right decision the first time!  This course will give you the hands on education and experience needed to make a good investment and the right choice for you! 


Once the class is purchased we will reach out within 48 hours to schedule a time that works for you!


Handgun Options Available: 

Glock 42 (380acp) Glock 43 & 43x (9mm), Glock 23 (40s&w), Sig Sauer P238 (380acp), Sig Sauer P938 (9mm), Sig Sauer P365 (9mm), Sig Sauer P365 XL (9mm), Sig Sauer P320 Compact (9mm), S&W Shield (9mm), S&W M&P 3.6" (9mm), S&W 380EZ (380acp), S&W 9mmEZ (9mm), S&W M&P 22 (22lr), CZ P10C (9mm), CZ P07 (9mm), Springfield 911 (380acp), Springfield Hellcat (9mm), Springfield XDS (45acp), Taurus PT111 G2C (9mm) Ruger LCP II (380acp)