"Try Before You Buy" Handgun Course

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The "try before you buy" handgun course gives a new shooter or ccw holder the opportunity to try out a multitude of popular handguns before they commit to purchasing their own!  This is a one on one private lesson. 

  • Choose up to 5 handguns from our list below 
  • 1 Hour of range time & targets included 
  • 100 rounds of ammo provided 

The average gun range charges $15-$25 per handgun rental making this a value of over $170 with ammo,1 hour of range & instructor time! The average firearm cost between $300-$600.  This course will give you the hands on education and experience needed to make a good investment and the right choice for you! 


Handgun Options Available: 

Glock 42 (380acp) Glock 43 (9mm), Glock 23 (40s&w), Sig Sauer P238 (380acp), Sig Sauer P938 (9mm), Sig Sauer P365 (9mm), Sig Sauer P320 Compact (9mm), S&W Shield (9mm), S&W M&P 3.6" (9mm), S&W 380EZ (380acp), S&W M&P 22 (22lr), CZ P10C (9mm), CZ P07 (9mm), Springfield XDS (45acp), Taurus PT111 G2C (9mm)