Pink Cactus Wingman Holster (IWB)

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Wingman Holsters & Southern Bullets Exclusive Pink Cactus Holster: Yoga pants, gym shorts, leggings, skirts, sweatpants, ect! This holster utilizes a Fabriclip attachment that locks directly onto clothing and other soft materials, and automatically unlocks before breaking or damaging clothing. Can be worn with or without a belt, in-the-waistband, locked onto pockets, purses, pouches, bags, backpacks, and more. Want to conceal even better? Each Wingman holster can be equipped with our "Mod Wing" feature! This wing attachment rests in a position on your pant line where your jeans or belt will snug directly over it naturally pressing the grip of the gun into your body allowing you to conceal ever better especially with an extended magazine.  

  • Full Sweat Guard For Protection 
  • Buffed Edges For a Smooth & Comfortable Carry
  • Adjustable Retention 
  • Audible "Click" When Holstering 
  • Lifetime Warranty 


*All holsters are handmade by Wingman Holsters.